Eagle School

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                          Not A Duck!

 Eagle School

The ThinkerBite for today is .. “Don’t send your ducks to eagle school“. It won’t work and they will not become eagles, it annoys the ducks and provides lunch for the eagles. Note that this probably wasn’t the intended outcome. In order to keep harmony in your life, let your ducks be ducks, let your eagles be eagles and everyone will be happy.


You can’t change the nature of things beyond your control. Change yourself as you choose, friends and family must change themselves, you can’t do that. The “dog” on the left is twisting his head trying to understand what is going on in your head when you can’t except nature the way it is: eagles aren’t changing into ducks and vice-versa, regardless of the finest schooling that you can provide!

It has been long noted by many barnyard Philosophers of old that should you take a pig into your home, bathe him and  dress him in the best clothes, you must be forever praying that other family members do not forget to close the back door which leads to the mud hole! Surprise, before you can consider the situation, your clean and polished houseguest is now a muddy, slim , stinking mess. Why you may ask yourself, simple because he’s a pig and he will always behave in kind to the natural tendencies with which he was endowed, which was to react and behave like a pig.



ThinkerBites would like you to entertain the thought that things are what they are; and on the physical plane, “the apples don’t fall far from the tree.” Change yourself as only you can, but don’t waste time trying to control things outside yourself; you’ll only be disappointed by the outcome. ” It’s All About The U Inside You.”

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           Not an Eagle!







It's About You!

It’s About You!