The 7 Keys


7 Keys for Success and Survival


1. Never, Ever give-up on yourself or your passion.

You must be aware that if you are to become successful in any phase of your life,personally, financially, physically or mentally you must LOSE the “give-up syndrome.This causes and allows you to become disheartened, discouraged, and to develop the “I am a Victim Mentality. You should remind yourself daily that in order to attract success you must deal with the pitfalls of life in a POSITIVE way and from the positive prospective. We will all be disappointed, frustrated, stressed, hurt and depressed to some degree sometime in our lives, but “you can’t throw the baby out with the dirty bathwater! ” You must adopt a Positive mindset in order to survive and thrive in your efforts to grow from exposure to the negativity attacking your mind on a daily basis.

One of the most helpful concepts I have learned and applied to my life is from Jim Rohn, he states; “You must learn to discipline your disappointments.” Live by this one! The world is controlled, operated, and invested in NEGATIVITY, just turn on your television or open a newspaper negativity is everywhere. The world will be at odds with you and your goals toward success, you will be opposed at every turn. You must hold tight to your dreams, follow your passion and turn them into daily habits. Never give in or give up on the journey to the destination of the lifestyle that you envision.

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2. Don’t chase money, chase your dream and money will follow.

Every individual God created is born with their own talents, abilities, and gifts to use in their endeavors, to aid in finding success for themselves and the good of the world-at-large. Whatever gifts you possess are personal and unique to you. Dreaming of being rich financially is nothing new, people have worked, labored, schemed, stolen, and even killed to obtain wealth. Money is elusive, it is a thing, not a state of being. Money is tangible, it can be seen and touched. It is acquirable by many means, some are ethical /legal while others are unethical/illegal. If you work harder on yourself than you do on your job with a positive attitude you will become a success every time. Don’t chase the money, chase your dreams through Personal Development and you will be ahead of the pack, as well as rewarded in many ways besides money.

3. Forget the product that you promote, concentrate on Value.

We have been inundated with the message that the business owner should ALWAYS prospect every lead and promote his/her product at first and every opportunity in order to increase their market share. Well, welcome to the wake-up call… that dog don’t hunt anymore, the strategy of yesteryear will simply not work in the modern online business world of today. The customer, in any sales category, is not only seeking a reasonable cost for the item of sale, but they are drawn to the product by VALUE. The bottom line is if your business doesn’t place value above all and make it number ONE concern toward the prospective customer/client, with the sale as last, then your CRR customer retention rate (goes down the tubes ) and the ultimate outcome is you lose. Promote yourself and the value that you provide first, last, and always. Sell yourself and your company’s relationship to the customer; honestly, patiently, respectfully and you will succeed at whatever business is your heart and passion.

4. Get into the details of yourself and your business

Make sure that you understand, display, and practice the keys to personal development in and through your business plan. Learn the “In’s and Out’s” of your bottom line, advertising, leads, skills, and services. Listen and use all the information from others that you can find. Understand you will NEVER know it all, you can learn from even a beginning entrepreneur. Help all others who ask, be thankful for the blessings you have and be willing to share with anyone and everyone, anytime and every time. But remember, life honors those who deserve it and not those who need it. Wrap your head around all that encompasses your business market and the leaders who have experienced success at it. They are an invaluable business asset to you, your online business, and your future.

5. Focus – keep your eye on the ball

Focus on yourself, development and market training are of the utmost importance if success is the ultimate goal for your future. No matter how much passion-drive-energy you possess if you do not concentrate on the road while on the way to success, you’ll end up in a ditch. There are many potholes, bumps, grades, and long hills along the way, make sure the the business vehicle you’re driving is prepared for the journey. In other words, keep your eye on the ball lest you get clobbered by it right between the eyes! It’s a rough world out there and you need to work smart as well as hard. You WILL experience ups and downs in life and business, but as a famous man once said, “Its not what happens to you that counts, it’s what you do about what happens.” ~ Jim Rohn. Focus on your goals, concentrate on your dreams.

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6. Remember, the harder you work the luckier you get!

Some people might not agree with me about this next statement, I don’t believe in luck. Long-term success is a matter of knowledge,intelligent planning, and reasonable
goal expectations, driven by wisdom and smart-hard work. The title of point # 6 here is
hard work produces luck and harder work produces more luck and I guess that’s about the size of it. In business, as in most other pursuits, luck is not a common success factor named by anyone who has achieved the lifestyle of their dreams, but smart, hard work certainly claims the number 1 spot on the list. The old saying is, “There is no substitute for hard work, it always out performs lazy, always.” The online marketing business of your dreams is waiting for you to quit waiting, how lucky do you really feel anyway?

7. Follow your gut instinct, trust your own judgment, believe in yourself. If you are not following your passion, QUIT.

There is a great deal to be said for a strong belief in yourself. Without trusting your decisions and instinct, the chances of much growth in you and your business are slim and none. You must learn to “Master the internal before you can master the external” as said by Zig Ziglar, You must learn to master you first, and listen to your gut-instincts before you can master any other learned skill or ability.

There are many training books and articles available on almost any subject that you can imagine, but before you can gain the knowledge from a book, you must be able to read. So it is with a goal pointed toward success without the proper understanding, tools, or preparation, the journey is usually short and does not result in success. Know, educate, develop, and believe in yourself, you are in control of your future and in the end, blaming anyone or anything else if you don’t try won’t ease your ultimate feelings of regret. Remember, “It’s All About The U In You!“. If success should be in your future, work toward self-development, do your passion, and then don’t be surprised if you attract success. Isn’t it interesting that the word Success can’t be spelled without the letter “U“?


You will fail your way toward success. This is because success actually can’t be attracted without it. It’s not a lack of time to succeed that causes the problem, it’s a lack of direction. Success is built on failure piled upon failure. That statement may not make perfect sense to you now, but after Personal Development begins to help you change and reinvent yourself, you’ll get an informed feeling about it all. Risk, dare to trust yourself, after all YOU were designed to find true happiness and fulfillment … trust me!


It was our intention that this document would be of “content value” for you. If you feel that you’ve received some value from the information please comment below. Feel free to contact us if we can be of any further assistance to you or your business. Take care to follow your passion and believe in you, we do! We are time Freedom Warriors …” It’s All About The U In You” and it always has been.


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