An Elephant’s Understanding

An Elephant’s Understanding

By way of introduction, you might surmise that the following odd story is about how an elephant’s understanding could affect your life in any significant way. The truth of the matter is, it probably won’t, but an analogy might be drawn from the facts presented that could possibly be of some value to us all. Obstacles related to the care of an elephant are many, and safety factors must be carefully implemented. Elephants are strong and can be dangerous to property and people. The incorrect selection of management techniques can lead to a catastrophic conclusion for everyone concerned.  


While elephants are not the most intelligent of creatures on the planet, they are  some of the most difficult to train. Once an elephant learns a particular behavior it is very unlikely that it will change the behavior on it’s own, hence the saying an elephant never forgets.” In order to enable trainers to control an elephant, behavioral reactions must be taught and enforced while the animal is young and small. Normally, these control lessons once learned at a young age, will be retained by the animal throughout it’s life span and cause the elephant to remain a life long useful  tool.

One of the first lessons learned by the elephant is how to respond to being restrained. The elephant is tied to a rope which is attached to a peg that is pounded into the ground. The young elephant is of course very confused, agitated and afraid when the restraint lesson is initiated. The expected result occurs, the animal pulls, yanks, twists with no avail, and eventually gives in. Time passes, although the elephant has greatly increased in size and stature, it remains receptive to the concept of restraint. The real truth remains that even a small adult elephant could exert sufficient force to easily move a car or pull down an entire building if it only realized its true power. Such is, an elephant’s understanding, if it only knew the truth then the truth could literally set it free.

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I wonder what we can gain by examination of an elephant’s understandingCan we make an analogy that could prove to be very valuable, or am I reading some utterly whimsical idea into the story that just isn’t there? Well, let’s take a closer look. Please humor me, think back to your youth, your early childhood, the days when you derived joy from being alive in a world filled with beautiful places, people, and wondrous secrets just awaiting your discovery. Everyday was an adventure, your heart and mind were filled with the most wonderful wants, wishes, and dreams. Then schooling began, which turned out to be fun in the early years of your life. As you advanced into the world and its knowledge, you didn’t even notice that your dreams were being left further and further behind until they just faded away into the fabric of the life you began.

By the time you enter junior high school, new concepts and ideas are filling your mind, heart, and forming the direction for your upcoming future. High school days are here and you are finally beginning to grow up. This is the time in which you are seriously molded to seek a plan that will decide the course for the next several years of your pre-adult life. A career or trade, a means to earn a living, now become your primary concern and the major driving force in your life. Plans are now being laid to achieve the “American Dream” in this life of yours, which seems to have made decisions for your future that you were helpless to effect or change.

Jump into the status quot line of total conformity. Take your place, you have finally arrived, but the question is WHERE? The answer may surprise and shock you… you are now a part of the Corporate American extravaganza, the work force, *CONGRATULATIONS* you have a JOB! Now you are qualified to work to pay bills, so that you can work and pay more bills, for endless days ahead and never be out of debt.

For goodness sake, we forgot all about the whole point of this story, an elephant’s understanding. Let’s tackle that now and bring back into focus those dreams that you were taught, were a “childhood imagination“. You were told that you should forget about them because they serve no useful purpose in the REAL world. This concept was beaten into your head at home, school, in society, and in higher education. Dreams were considered to be “once upon a timefairy tales that could not be achieved. They were cast aside, long ago, in your educated mind. Now if any of your dreams still exist, within your heart of hearts, it is time for them to awaken, arise, and allow them to take a breath of fresh air. Revive them if you can and you can if you but apply the small amount of CPR, chest compression’s in this instance are not recommended … LOL. Seriously, no one ever regrets bringing their dreams back from the graveyard of memory even after placing them into the system trash, not quite deleted. Those dreams are long deserted and neglected yet never really forgotten.

The reason this story relates to you and me, we were trained like the elephant. Our dreams were restrained in the back of our minds and marked as lesson learned. Like the elephant, we do not understand we possess the power to pull up the peg, break the rope, and set our dreams free. It is a matter of mindset! Due to it’s mental capacity, the elephant has an excuse, however; we do not. Humans obviously possess greater intelligence than the elephant, and yet some of us remain trapped by the belief that dreams are only for children, and the weak minded. NOW is the time for you to take a risk, a gamble, a chance on the one sphere in your world that you control, YOU, and the realization of your Dreams! Are you headed toward the mark of success or on toward the boring continuation of the life you have experienced up to this point? Elephant or human understanding, the choice is yours! As always, remember… It is all about the U inside YOU ” and it has been all along …

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