The Game

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The Game Never Played Cannot Be Won!

The premise of this concept becomes more and more apparent to each of us as time goes by.  The older you get, the more you come to realize that the wasted times of your life cannot be reclaimed.  The tomorrows are fast-fading into nothingness, in a graveyard of abandoned dreams.

The question then begs to be answered…Why?  What terrible events in your life have caused the present condition in which you find yourself?  I mean, you are a nice, caring, reasonably intelligent, hard-working individual who is concerned about the welfare of others around you, yet you are depressed, isolated, and broke.  You are not destitute, just too poor to afford the lifestyle that you have dreamed of.

You are not destined for this.  Look into the mirror and ask this of yourself…   How can I alter my life to provide myself and my loved ones the future that we dream of?

Well, this could be your future, however; you will never know if you aren’t willing to take a chance on yourself.  The REAL truth is that you will never win a game in which you have never played!

WHEN will you be ready to take a chance on you and really make an effort to play in the game?  The truth remains, It’s All About YOU, and it always was…