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 Eagle School                 

The thinker bite for today is .. Don’t send your ducks to eagle school. It won’t work they will not become eagles, it annoys the ducks and provides lunch for the eagles which is probably not your intended outcome. In order to keep harmony in your life, let your ducks be ducks, let your eagles to be eagles and everyone will be happy. You can’t change the nature of things beyond your control. Change yourself as you choose, friends and family must change themselves, you can’t do that!

                                  The Opinions Of Others

“Never allow someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.”
Probably the most common of “life fears” that most people respond to consists of what other people think about them. This should not be a major concern to anyone who wants to conduct their own life and design their own future. It will become apparent to us all, usually late in life, that the impressions and thoughts of others do not determine nor are of any lasting consequence in the outcome of own individual lives. You are the determining factor, the responsible party and sole director of your success or failure in this game we call life. Just remember, “It’s All About the U Inside You!”

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Your Life Paths
An ah-ha moment has come when you realize that the paths left behind you and the paths that are in front of you are insignificant when compared with the paths inside you. It’s really all about the U in you !

Control & Humor

Some days are just like this but control what you can control and just relax with the things that you cannot. A little humor won’t hurt either..