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I Am Just A Cartoon

    I’m Just A Cartoon The Thinkerbite for today is a bit unusual, even for us because it is presented by the above cartoon because he’s Mr. SuperThinkerBite and our announcer.  “Hey, guys and gals!” Hope your day has been positive. Open your mind to the powerful YOU waiting inside you. Oh yeah, I get it, […]


Life Puzzle Pieces

 Life’s Puzzle Pieces Hello all and welcome here’s a ThinkerBite for your consideration: “A positive outlook and thinking pattern are necessary for those “life puzzle pieces” to fit together forming a bright,clear and complete picture.” So how’s your life picture looking? I can honestly say that positivity will only return positive life results and isn’t […]


Just Because It’s Easier

        Just Because It’s Easier Throughout our lives we are taught that there are many ways to accomplish the same goal, while some ways  are easy, some are difficult and some are just plain hard. It has been my personal experience that I prefer the easy way rather than the difficult, hard […]