Just Because It’s Easier





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Just Because It’s Easier

Throughout our lives we are taught that there are many ways to accomplish the same goal, while some ways  are easy, some are difficult and some are just plain hard. It has been my personal experience that I prefer the easy way rather than the difficult, hard or virtually impossible method of problem resolution. This is because, like most beings of my kind, I will exert the least amount of effort or energy necessary to obtain the desired result. In other words, I usually can be counted on to revert to my two most basic instinctual natures,  practicing lazy and looking out for number one. We frequently act like it is a “dog eat dog world” which it’s not unless you like doggie burgers.

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The world is what you make it to be: nothing more and nothing less, so the question to pose to yourself is what will I make it? To be quite honest, it should be recounted that the best way to resolve most any eventuality is logically the simplest way, which is the easiest. Easy is always the better course of action for  the good of everyone concerned and therefore should be tried first. This concept is applicable everywhere except in the realm of human relationships, which is the reason for tonight’s ThinkerBite: It is always easier to tear down someone else’s dream than to build up your own. The point here is that human relationships do not always align themselves with what seems the easiest thing to do in order to accomplish a goal, no matter how selfish the desire  to attain that goal might be. We should all keep in mind, as we traverse the course of life to be carefully kind to people you meet on your way up the latter of success because you’ll meet those same people on your way down!




It's About You!

It’s About You!