The Thinker Bite for today is “ The word Prosperity is a Verb. ” I try to focus myself on a word a week and attempt to discover all the meanings associated with that word.  Words have meanings, as the old saying goes, and that saying has never been more relevant than it is today. In eons past, if a person gave you his or her word you could take it to the bank.  A hand shake was all that was necessary to make a contract between two people because  words were absolute and promises were honored .. I think in some ways those were better times, but we can’t live in yesterday because today will go forward and tomorrow will come with or without you.



If you surveyed  a group of people about the meaning of a given word,  you would get an astronomical amount of different responses. An example is a word such as responsibility, it would have varying meanings to different people. You have probably heard people say, opinions are like noses everybody has one!  Someone might say, responsibility means to take the lead, to be answerable  for, while another person may understand a completely different definition of that word.

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PROSPERITY  is my word focus for today and what does it mean to you? I propose that the word really involves ACTION, that makes the word is a VERB ! Without action not much works, so in order to enjoy prosperity, you must inject your life with Action. Sitting on the side lines watching the parade go by will not get you in the flow, it takes action.  Would like to experience prosperity for once in your life before you’re too old to enjoy it? DO NOT give up it’s not too late, take ACTION in a positive direction!  It is necessary to obtain  your personal PROSPERITY….    Remember:   “It’s All About The U Inside You.”