THINKERBITES: The Herd Mentality

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  The thrust of the American Dream of yesteryear is dominated by the Herd Mentality. If you follow that line of thought there are a few things that you  need to be aware of  in order to deal with the experience. The heard mentality has some basic premises that are not readily apparent on  a surface examination, but will dawn on you after you waste time traversing the process. The herd mentality is based on conformity, peer pressures, the fear of failure and the ever favorite: that’s just the way it’s always done.  The solutions to these counterproductive principles are simple but not easy.


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  The main reason people conform to their peer groups and cultural-societal demands is because most people  are influenced entirely too much by the opinions of others, people fear being an outsider and everyone wants to be one of the group. Here’s the Bite to take home,” If you follow the herd mentality, watch where you step!” The rushing, pressing, competitive nature of the herd causes the herd members to strive to go to the front of the herd to reach the good food & water while it’s still there. Nobody wants just left-overs and besides the dust in the back of the Herd is so thick that it’s difficult to see where you are going or what’s up ahead. The smells at the rear of the group are also less desirable, not to mention that footing issues must be carefully addressed for obvious reasons. So is born the “dog eat dog” or in this case the bull eat bull attitude.  Sounds sort of  like a large bunch of Bull, doesn’t it? Anyway, it is that attitude which governs the societal behavior of the herd and the policies for advancement required to move up-front.

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  The truth here is that most people are in the Herd now and it’s commonly known as cooperate America. The whole thing is based on trading “Dollars for Time(hours)”, anyone participating is losing because it doesn’t matter how much money you make, you can’t buy more time and there is no provision to take it with you when your time is up. Honestly in the final analysis, this cooperate America idea sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.


  Well, we’re at the summit of decision time: stay within the constraints of the Herd or step out of your comfort zone and depend upon your own ingenuity. Remember, granted there is a margin of safety in numbers , however there is also a huge down side, many degrees of personal choice and privilege are sacrificed in order to be a part of the Herd.  It really is sink or swim, don’t you want to be the deciding factor?  When it’s all said and done,  when the bottom line is read,” It’s All About The U Inside You” and it has been all along …