How To Connect Your Head

How To Connect Your Head

This post is all about how to connect your head and you might ask connect to what? Well that’s the underlying truth of self observation, recognition and application come together in your head. You can connect your head in many ways, to many different things and you can even wrap your head around somethings…Ouch, that’s probably gonna to leave a mark! I suppose we could chase ideas back and forth until they’re exhausted, gather them up and poke them into our heads with a punch , if you get the point. Unfortunately that’s just what human beings do, we wander about life searching for someone or something to believe in never noticing the dust and cob webs on the windows of our minds. You are the party of the first part, as a lawyer might say and you are the subject of this discourse. Maybe I should say you’re the receiver – director of the super machine, the highly complex, unique and over-stressed computer on the end of your neck, your brain. Of course ,you do understand that it is with you all the time, right? Yep, it is true even though we do not always behave like that’s the case.

  Back to the emotional-psycho analysis, and (it’s free too) lie down on my imaginary couch and let’s take a scientific peek into the process and implementation of connecting your head to the proper receptacle, into the eminence universe of intelligent and personal reality, a space somewhere outside the twilight zone. A person can connect their head to preconceived ideas, intangible items, inanimate objects, learned experiences, self-initiated habits, animals and other people. Human beings can connect their heads to factual knowledge ( by the way, a formal academic education can get you a JOB), while unfolding what’s inside you can learn to develop goals, make a plan which will allow you the TIME to enjoy a successful life filled with happiness. People connect their heads to television, movies, friends, family, possessions, wealth, careers, jobs, social position, race, creeds, ideologies and a glob of Stinking Thinking.

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 We don’t want any of that kinda thinkin’ round here, you were scarin me a mite!

  It is of the very UTMOST importance that you connect your head where it should already be connected, where it really belonged all your life, taking a bird’s “eye view” inside yourself. The Bible, the world’s most valuable text book says it like this: first look up (get an idea where your head has been connected), secondly take a look inside of you (get a fix on where your head is connected right now) and what that means to you. Then thirdly, take a look at the outside (to figure out where you plan to connect your head in the future), in order to have “a future”and not the same old tired, over-worked, owing everyone, existence your head has been connected to for however many years you’ve been on this planet.      

  Gather your insights from the three combined Head Location points to form a mental picture in your brain and connect the dots. Then add in the specificity with which you alone are gifted. You now have the recipe for creating the greatest of all individual rewards, the personal satisfaction gained from helping others. That’s where it’s at, learning how to invest in YOU and connect your head to the universal truth, the “powerful positive mindset” of Personal Development. The third look of outward Action is obviously the most valuable and it is really the controlling force or driving agent behind what makes everything else work. The importance of YOU in the inter-workings of creation can’t be ignored as the fingerprints of intelligent design are becoming undeniably evident to even the most skeptical among us, the scientific community. The main connection from your head to your heart is completed when you connect your head to Personal Development. It provides the conductivity necessary to merge the two into one and power the data communication line illuminating the REAL you. The you that has been silently unconscious inside your being all along. Finally, it is urgently necessary that you step-out of your ‘comfort zone, take a clear look inside and invest in yourself. It will require several visits to the deep parts of your mind to develop the character needed for accomplishing the task of {introspection} inside your head. The discovery of Self Empowerment quickens new life which separated you from the life of happiness designed for you to experience from the day you were born.

  Are you ready to take a risk on the REAL you? The REAL you is knocking on your mind’s door waiting for the door to open. Stop the wait before it is too late for the music inside you to be heard. Before the world can hear your music, you’ve got to connect your head and “push play!Look in your heart and your head, you know it’s true …… “It’s All About The U In You,”and it always has been …

  Connect your head to your heart and it will change your life! What have you got to loose, well I suppose that depends on where your head is connected, doesn’t it? Well, that’s all up to you because, “It’s All About The U Inside You” and it always was …