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The U Inside You

THE U INSIDE YOU   A thunderous explosion split the normally surreal silence of the night as sparks and flashes were seen through the stained and broken windows of the dark and antiquated old house. The present setting brought back childhood fears of monsters, ghosts, and nightmarish illusions. Stories of haunted houses complete with all […]


The Journey

The Journey   There is a path that seems right to us all, it’s the natural rules for the road of life and it is also aligned toward negativity. It should be understood before you can approach the starting line to the road that this negative barrier must be alleviated. This becomes the portal of […]


Should’ve, Could’ve & Would’ve

SHOULD’VE, COULD’VE & WOULD’VE   Regret is among the worst, if not the worst and most agonizingly emotional experience that any human being will endure in a lifetime. This psychological malady will be experienced by most people in the Golden Years of life. It can strike without regard for age and it leaves marks on […]


The Pendulum Of Life

The Pendulum of Life NOTE: Please do not attempt this exercise if you are exhausted because it can be dangerous falling asleep while standing up! Turn off the world around you for the moment and isolate yourself from the distractions, thoughts, passions, and the busy world that we operate in every day. Turn off your […]