The Journey

The Journey

  There is a path that seems right to us all, it’s the natural rules for the road of life and it is also aligned toward negativity. It should be understood before you can approach the starting line to the road that this negative barrier must be alleviated. This becomes the portal of entry for the journey to begin. The way or means of travel on this road are varied and have changed along with mankind for as long as there have been folks on this planet. People are all different, the means of travel vary yet we are all on the same path, are all subject to the same laws and we are either in travel mode or have never ventured out on the road to begin the journey.

  Some people are just satisfied to watch others pass by, convincing themselves that they can’t proceed on the journey because of “this or that”. Everyone who never tries has a different excuse, they have convinced themselves it is a choice, and it was made by examination of the facts. Maybe they feel that life sucks and if they aren’t careful they could be run down by a speeding vehicle, struck by lightning, drowned by a flood, or possibly break down while crossing the desert and die from the heat or lack of available water. Once you make the decision to BEGIN the journey, then choosing a means of travel becomes an issue.

  At the beginning of your journey you may start by walking, riding a horse, bicycling, hitching a ride from someone you know or someone you don’t. If you are fortunate enough to own a car, no matter how slow or old, you could begin your journey on the path that leads to the main highway, of course, after you make certain that you are prepared to travel. Some people may have more available funds to get on the road with speed and comfort, while others are real economy travelers and the bare fact is that it doesn’t matter how you get to the party, just whether or not you go. That said, the most important thing to understand is that you begin.

  It’s not about how you travel to the destination of your dreams, but if you fail to take the first step, you lose. It would not be fair or honest at this point if we did not admit that the journey is not going to be easy, it is kin to the idea of conceptual simplicity, that is as the old farmer said,”It might be simple, but it ain’t easy”!

When you reach the main road, you will discover that there are many terrible, frightening, gut wrenching pitfalls, holes, ravines, steep hills, deep valleys, and all kinds of disheartening events and occurrences that everyone on the road must overcome in order to reach the goal of the journey. There will be good, bad, and indifferent weather on the trip. You will encounter some good, nice, kind, loving, intelligent, mean, ignorant, and hateful people on way, so be prepared to deal with that part of the journey too.

  One of the greatest comforts to be aware of is that God made all of the elements of the journey. It is designed for learning, growing, and the success of everyone that ever was, is, or will be a part of the grand scheme we know as life. It is REALLY time to stop, take a deep breath, and behold the wondrous vision of the greatness that is inside of us all. You may not see the vision in the distance but that doesn’t mean that others do not. As a matter of fact, in order to behold beauty it is usually necessary to open up your eyes and really take a look.. The natural state of the human mind is to be automatically Negative, not only about people, our surrounding, environment, and our circumstances, but also about ourselves.

  This is the new beginning part right here, the rebirth of your life experience and overwhelming understanding that you are special and individual in every detail, there is really only one YOU! We are all born with various talents, abilities, and gifts that define us, we are all so very different and yet so much alike. Because it is sometimes hard to see the details of the forest when staring at the trees, it all seems to blend into an out of focus picture. Most people are never even aware of, nor do they participate in personal development at even the most elementary levels. Everyone is hesitant to sound like a nut-case, so any thought of or introduction to “Self”  is immediately dismissed before anyone else notices the dumb ideology that you’ve found. It is the carefully, navigated purpose here that we make plain the analogy under dissection, it is not important what comfort, speed, and mileage range of your vehicle that matters, rather the journey itself. You can’t reach any destination by sitting on the side of the road, you must initiate your journey. While it may appear that this concept is silly, it’s far from foolish day-dreaming, it’s life itself.

You must not complicate such a simplistic concept of getting in-touch with the “Inner You”, because all of the dreams inside you are possible when you change your mindset from the natural Negative to the learned Positive thought process. Through this one thought you can gain REAL power. The power to believe in yourself, to trust your gut feelings, intuition, and the power to pursue your abandoned dreams.

  The truth is that the internal fingerprints in the grand scheme of things and the design of the universe prove that you do matter! We all must come to this journey from a different path, but without the journey there can be no dreams of what can or will be.  “Without a vision, the people perish”. I sometimes, truly wish I could open the heads of everyone around me and pour in the vision of the person that they can become. Then they could continue ever growing, dreaming, and finding the peace with the success of self. Some might say, the analogy here is interpretive and I suppose it is but it”s true nonetheless. We are all on the same path to the main destination road of life and what happens here, happens to us all. As Jim Rohn said, “It is not what happens, but what we do about what happens” that really matters. The DO something is the key to your dreams and future, you are in control of your life outcome.

  There is an old saying that puts the idea in a nut-shell, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”, how much simpler can the point be made? Do you have a plan for your goals? Do you have any goals?

Your dream lifestyle is awaiting your attention…what are you afraid of? Are you afraid to fail, or afraid you might succeed, and how would you be able deal with it all? You can risk a little “come out of your comfort zone” and take a chance on YOU. Aren’t you and your family worth the chance that you could fail? Oh trust me… you will fail! There is hope, however, keep working on you and you will succeed and find all that you have dreamed, if you don’t give-up. So its “FACE-UP” time, face up to your fears and they will flee, in your old age will you be able to look back and say I gave it my all, or will you only have regret for memories? Just remember, ” It’s All About The U In You”… and it always has been.

shadowed TB

shadowed TB