The Pendulum Of Life

The Pendulum of Life


NOTE: Please do not attempt this exercise if you are exhausted because it can be dangerous falling asleep while standing up!

Turn off the world around you for the moment and isolate yourself from the distractions, thoughts, passions, and the busy world that we operate in every day. Turn off your cell phone, television, radio, or any other device on or about your person. Now take a slow, deep breath and let it out gently. Breathe in, breathe out, release your mind from all outside interference. Let your body relax and you concentrate on each breath.

Draw a mental picture of a graph, equally separated into a center line and two edge lines, one on the right of the page, and one on the left. Now place yourself on that center line with both feet together, so that you can look down and see the line between your feet. By the way, I neglected to mention that the imaginary graph is about fifty feet high and fifty feet wide. It now becomes interesting, enter a free hanging devise. Abra kadabra!


There now exists a well-anchored, dangling pendulum and we aren’t privy to how it’s attached, only that it extends from the very top of the graph down to a short distance just above your head. You are able to reach the pendulum if you stretch, and give it a shove to your right or to your left. Due to the fact that no attempt has yet been made to explain the purpose of the graph, now might be an opportune time to do so. On your right, label the heading “SUCCESS” and under that heading group, list from top to bottom. As a sub-heading, put “POSITIVE GAINS”, and below that, begin here and list as follows: Dreams, Desires, Wealth, Physical Health, Peace/Contentment, Mental Health, Life, Joy and lastly but most importantly,Happiness. Now for the left side of your graph, label the heading as “FAILURE”, and under that list, your sub-heading as “NEGATIVE LOSSES”. Below that, begin listing from top to bottom as follows: Pain, Lost Dreams, Poverty, Disease, Depression, Anxiety, Unhappiness and most devastating, Regret.

Think this one completely through as you finish your graph: the Pendulum swings both ways, right? In which direction would you shove the weight? To the right toward Success, or to the left toward Failure? The right arc moves to the positive and the left arc moves to the negative.

Check out the World from a new perspective !

So what do you think and why? Let’s apply a smidgen of logical reasoning to the graph at this point. There is a Law of Physics known as the Law of Perpetual Motion which in general states that “a body in motion tends to remain in motion, until reacted upon by some external force.” This means to you and I on a practical level, in that if you swing the pendulum toward the positive side, on it’s return motion it will swing to the negative side. This is the normal mode of travel for the Pendulum. It must be understood that the Failure swing side of the graph is absolutely necessary in order for the pendulum to

swing back toward the Success side again. Back and forth, the Pendulum will travel as long as the YOU standing in the center of the action continues to add momentum. When you first realize this truth, you use your hand to add momentum. But as you become better, stronger, smarter and more agile, your ability to multiply momentum will increase. This is due to your growth in Personal Development which enables you to utilize tools that add power to the level of your momentum. What you should be taking away from this graph idea is the fact that there can be NO lasting Success without Failure. It is our goal and desire for you to be able to gain from our mistakes, without the need to learn everything the hard way.

As it has been said by every successful market leader, mentor, author and business guru in many different ways: YOU WILL FAIL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS like everyone else has done. To experience failure is the only way to understand what doesn’t work for you so that you can begin to testimplement the strategy that does. The process is known as the learning curve and the question can only be answered by you. What are you doing to invest in the upswing of your business success? Are you investing in YOU, into your personal development? If not, it is almost certain that your pendulum will not swing toward Success.

As we say here at TB,” It’s All About The U Inside You” and it always was …


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