The U Inside You


  A thunderous explosion split the normally surreal silence of the night as sparks and flashes were seen through the stained and broken windows of the dark and antiquated old house. The present setting brought back childhood fears of monsters, ghosts, and nightmarish illusions. Stories of haunted houses complete with all the sinister thoughts that occupy the mind among a scene such as this were at work on the fear/danger warning alarms in my head. At this present moment to further inspire the scare factor there were dark shapes moving silently across the area adjacent to the front of the old house in what would be considered the front yard. To be perfectly honest, the scene also brought to my already occupied brain that this was what you might expect to see on a visit to the downtown “grade B” horror movie of yesteryear, complete with all the necessary ingredients for a Hollywood mystery. It dawned on me that moments such as this invoke the “fight or flight” mechanism built into the human psych and mine was at present very activated, only mine should have been positively directed it was in the”flight”mode. Run first, was always my natural inclination and this was not a time of exception, rather I tried to sneak away (to return with help) of course.

  Approaching my truck, parked about 50 yards away camouflaged by the low hanging branches of a few small trees, I was planning to go inform the police about all that I witnessed. Just beyond my parked vehicle,which I obviously did not notice before moving toward the initial noises I heard after my arrival was a sign that read,” DANGER KEEP OUT ! we are demolishing the old house”; we apologize for any loud or disturbing noises and the flying dust.  It was signed Louis P Johnson Construction Company Inc. Well at first I felt relieved, then I felt really stupid for the arriving at the conclusion my mind conceived based on what appeared to be the situation at hand. Relieved by the understanding that I had observed an innocent happening and not a nightmare in real-time has proven to be a mind-expanding and “eye opening” experience to me. It finally sank-in for me that most life-events / experiences have a logical, reasonable, simple explanation and may not be as they appear. I’m sure that you’ve heard the old proverb ”you can’t see the forest for the trees” well, that statement is definitely shown its self to be true and applicable to almost ALL the events and circumstances of life.


Bruce Lee-

Now we have arrived at the reason-purpose for sharing this story, it contains an analogy which applies not only to me but to every person, every life in all time past, present or future. We all invent a protective screen to prevent intrusions into “our own little world“. Our realm of knowledge, understanding, education, opinion, personal preference accompanied by all the bits and pieces that make up our existence are encompassed by, or supported by an ideology known as our Comfort Zone. This idea is a well established and self-installed mode-of-operation which is influenced by societal, cultural, personal concepts and the attitudes of all the other people in our lives.

It could be said and noted that the most probable explanation of why we don’t live the lifestyle or find the success to pursue our dreams is FEAR. The Fear that we simply don’t possess the necessary skills, intellect, monetary position education, talents or abilities required is not only the norm in America but it’s pandemic among the people of the world. This crippling attitude is the main causative agent resulting in the “Comfort Zone Sticky, the person who feels STUCK, trapped in the jail of their own mind from which there appears no escape. Dreams are lost, feelings of anxiety, loneliness,and frustration invade the brain leaving us an unsettled mind. Sadly, these feelings become a majority of the fabric from which our lives are fashioned. People suffering from the stuck feeling are unable and unlikely to gather the vision necessary to overcome their fears.Fear is motivated by unfamiliarity, which as the old saying goes” Unfamiliarity breeds contempt” or for the sake of clarification, we fear what we do not comprehend or believe.

  First,a thought: the mindset of negativity launches our mental exec file, it initializes the attitude program generator and that in turn, creates a blame acquisition file. Once the BAF loads, it will access the selection menu and enter the proper password, to override the human logical conclusion bitmap, resulting in the human brain’s resolution capabilities effectively shutting down the CPU. This is a viral infection of the mental attitude, and the condition will halt all reasonable thought and begin to desperately search for someone or something to be labeled as the guilty party on whom or which to place the blame. Warning this scenario can be a real dream killer, a sort of grim-reaper in your head energizing a mental burp, a tiny quasmatic spark that initiates the ignition firing mechanism containing one microscopic cell in the human thinking machine and POW. The resultant flash illuminates the vast darkness of a mind in neutral, which naturally produces an impulse of a thought! However, despite the problematic process under consideration here, as is often the bottom-line, the thought is Negative. Negativity simply cannot be an encouragement to personal growth, nor does it support self development which are vitally necessary in attraction of wealth, happiness and success. Since these are the ultimate goals of our endeavors, it is neither prudent nor intellectually advantageous to attempt to do battle in an arena for which you are not appropriately armed, trained or developed.

 The function, importance and absolute necessity of Personal Development can not be overstated because without it you will become disenchanted, frustrated, discouraged and ultimately you will desert the quest to your dream. It is at this crossroad that we must recall,You must learn to discipline your disappointments”~Jim Rohn. The truth is best summed up this way, we must all personally develop enough to understand that you will fail your way to success, there is not a short cut and there is no other road to the destination. Work on yourself to develop your life’s work,“YOU.Discovering your true self will prove to be life changing in every sense of the phrase, so an adventure awaits and today is really the 1st day of the rest of your life.

If you believe that you can, or you believe that you can’t, you are right !

There must be a real “AH HAA” moment, a moment when you begin to realize all that your life can become and provide for you. It can/will happen if you only confront your fears, see the vision, and change your mind-set opening your eyes to the truth lying deep inside you. There is by God’s design a super-particle, a common gene placed in all people, the spark of Greatness which is part of the Source of all things. You and I were meant to be all we can become, to receive all that we desire and obtain the dreams we have always had, no matter how deeply they are buried.

  The apex subject here is Personal Development, it forever remains the foundation of everything that every person who attains life goals, which attract a lifetime of Success and happiness. The outcome of your life MUST be shaped through the the laws of reality by what you perceive, being reasonably sure you’re seeing all that is there and not by the ideas of what your life should be according to the “Comfort Zone Stickys” of your world. You must be careful to make sure that what you see is what’s really there. As always remember, It’s All About The U In You” and for us it always has been.

P.S.. Let yourself out of your comfort zone, question everything, do your homework and then take action, responding with the power in you. An intelligent decision based on your true understanding of you, your place in the Grand Scheme of things and will create for you an action implementation” to begin to discover the Greatness in the U inside of you. Although you may have battled self-esteem issues all of your life, been unpopular in school or were always the one who was picked-on / bullied and teased let the past be the past because you CAN change everything from here on out. Change for yourself and your lifestyle through the U inside you.

  Most of us at sometime in our lives have suffered with some minor or major form of depression or severe emotional let-down, you can transcend that state. Through awakening the self, you can open a brand new world not based on your EGO but based on the irrefutable Power, and the seed of Greatness, YOU. Every person born into this life is a product of their environment, relationships, cultural, societal and sets of biological instructions. We are pre programmed to be FOCUSED on ourselves but intentionally not being taught about the power, mental expansion, and the in-born abilities we possess nor how to use them. The idea that you must work on yourself harder than you’ve worked on anything in your life is for real! Every journey begins with the following points of implementation: 1. a thought, 2. a goal, 3. a plan and 4. an action. Let’s go over the 4 points of implementation by explaining them one at a time for clarity and the prevention of“Stinkin’ Thinkin.”

Now that we’re into Personal Development, let’s not have no Stinkin’ Thinkin’ here! This topic had been ignored and misunderstood for many years and really does deserve to be addressed, thoughts are energy, energy is power and therefore thoughts are powerful. Thought leads you into the discovery of Personal Development which is the real start of everything changing for the better in your life. Personal Development enables learning to think for yourself and take the responsibility for your life successes or failures. In relating to the topic of the power of thought, and it should be noted that there are two types of thinking, Positive and Negative. I have learned that when Negative thoughts dominate my mental processes, the flow of Positive events, circumstances and attractions are negated which results in swinging your life direction to the Negative side of being, and it really begins to suck!. By the explanation of translation this means, when your life is Negative, most good things and happenings will cease becoming attracted to you, in short, you are what you think. You must maintain a Positive prospective on all things in order for you to grow and advance toward the attraction of wealth and happiness.

  In the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life there will be occasions that will try your commitment to the Positive thinking platform and we call those things LIFE. Remember that bad things sometimes happen to good people, so we must all learn the lesson stated by Jim Rohn, “Remember that what happens in life happens to us all. It’s not what happens that matters, it’s what you do about what happens.

  Secondly,a goal:in order to make some advancement to the person you want to become, you must install some goals. Goals are those little intentions that give us direction of action so that we don’t jump from one effort to another without accomplishing anything. Take note here that “running around like a chicken with your head chopped off” will not be advantageous to either your bottom line, nor your thinking ability. Write down your goals, immediate, short term, long term and future. This will enable you to survey, gather and work on completing each type of goal in the order of importance that you choose. Be actively committed and persistent in the matter of goal setting, execution-celebration when one goal can be checked-off from your goal list. Remember celebrate the smallest wins , as they all matter and will add-up. A Goal list is a must to motivate your desire for more understanding which fuels your Personal Development.

  Thirdly, a plan: it has been said thatIf you fail to plan, you plan to failand that my friends is the whole truth in a nutshell.. A plan is not a selective measure, it is a necessity and the heart of every Personal Development journey. To gain anything from the new you, planning is a MUST. If you want or intend to find any like-long value in your future then implement it ASAP. The usefulness and necessity of constructing a well thought out plan can’t be overstated but the visual evidence of the repercussions from neglecting to do so is everywhere demonstrated by the new businesses that start and fail every year. When investigated by the fact gathers and finders, the cause cited is most commonly a failure to adequately plan. It’s a No Brainer, plan if your real intent is to attract success in it’s many forms, as the farmer said about the expense of his old tractor:”If you are serious you gotta have a tractor, to be a success at farmin’.”

  Fourthly, an action is required to implement the plans to achieve the goals that you thought into being in the beginning of your Personal Development journey. It takes consistency, determination, commitment and tenacity to get, start and remain in the game of life with any real success, but isn’t that what you’re here for?

For the sake of an illustration, suppose that someone bought a winning Lottery ticket and he/she won twenty million dollars but this person had lost the recite for the purchase of that ticket, Can this person simply sit at home knowing that he/she had won twenty million dollars, spend any of the winnings without going to the Lottery offices with the recite and claiming the prize? The answer to the question about the Lottery winner is a resounding NO. Action is not an extra ingredient in the life led through Personal Development, it is the Main-ingredient. Without some direct positive action, there can be no positive results. Therefore it is understood that ACTION is the most important concept contained herein is Personal Development is the key to a successful life and the four principals of implementation previously mentioned above.

Please reexamine your comprehension of this information, it isintended to be valuable in locating and recognizing the steps needed to begin your travel on a personal journey toward your success. Feel free to contact us if we can be of any further assistance to you and welcome aboard the Personal Development express,” watch your step now, ya hear?”


You must understand that the first few flights with your new found wings will NOT be easy because although the precepts are simple, the doing of them is not easy and beginning to move into a mode of consistency will assist your first steps. YOU really are worth it! This journey we are on is a “DOING” thing, action always provides results and fine-tuning our actions produces better results. Remember,” It’s All About The U Inside You” Maybe, you should take some time to think about that statement, ya think? Thank You for taking the time to read the post. If you like quotes of wisdom, check out the ThinkerBites  section of this  Website. We also have Becky’s Freedom Warriors and U-Neekly Handmade Websites as well. Please feel free to comment of this or any of our posts, and give us some input on how we can make them more valuable in consent for you. See you online!

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