Down For The Count




  The subject of today’s ThinkerBite is a concept. The idea is a part of  ring sports such as the sport of boxing or wrestling and all levels are included both amateur and  professional. When  a knocked down opponent does not get up after a predetermined time-frame, a count begins. Upon reaching the agreed upon passage of time, the downed combatant is “counted-out” and the standing man is awarded as winner of the contest. The interesting point is, that this is the way of success attraction as well. If you get knocked down, it is normal it’s not debtramental, unless you do not get up.

  Regrettably, many people who do not learn this tough lesson in the beginning of their quest to gain the attributes which will attract success. The real-world truth is that anyone who attempts  to play in the game of life, will be knocked down again and again. This is because all who succeed will fail their way to success, it’s a process and not a single action. So we offer the following thought  as the TB today,A successful person is not one who has never been knocked down, but one who has always gotten up.



It's About You!

It’s About You!