Birds Of A Feather

Birds Of A Feather

birds of a feather

  The ThinkerBite for today is based on a very old but bulls-eyed proverb that goes like this, birds of a feather flock together. The timeless meaning and application for this word-painted idea is as relevant today as it was when first communicated. The two main game changers related to life success and wealth are Self pity and common Depression. These can be complied by the opinions and attitudes of loved ones or friends, in either case it really doesn’t matter, because they are both deadly. This is because others may not see or appreciate your dreams or goals and to encourage your dreams forces them to remember their own, which they buried in the vacant corner of their memory long ago.

  “Self pity and depression are birds of a feather which stick together, don’t let them stick on you!” Remember, failure is a natural component of the journey to your dreams. Hard work and persistence achieve goals and although failure may occur frequently it is only a temporary building block for true success. Don’t invest in failure, or allow it to be the defining factor of your life, it pays dividends no one wants. As always, “It’s All About The U Inside You!”

It's About You!