Just13567303_1351255281554689_5180092692493675205_n A Nut

Psychoanalytic therapy is not the course for me,

Doctor Freud was a wacked out dude most of us agree

He insisted you think when you’re stuck in a rut,

That all your problems simply stem from your butt

We all have our problems and I must confess,

My unconscious conflicts create a huge mess

I must admit it because I can simply see

That psycho-dynamic’s too dynamic for me

Behaviorism is the second way that I find

Though Watson and Skinner are not far behind

Don’t touch the fire or you’re gonna get burned

That surely will teach us that behavior is learned

Reinforcement, reward and some punishment too

That’s the psycho-babble doctors are offering you

Perls and Gestalt are getting up in my face,

Step back a little and give me some space

Self integration’s the goal I am told

Somehow I think I’m not totally sold

It’s the here and now that I’m talking about

That’s why Gestalt is most assuredly out

Humanism is arriving and soon comes along

Rogers and Maslow are singing it’s song

The prose is congruent with the Self I perceive,

So which one of these am I supposed to believe?

Freewill and self concepts are good to be sure,

Reflection without emotion may yet be the cure

Then why am I changing myself if I’m happy?

Why the very idea is implausibly crappy

I have finally decided to remain just a nut

And if later unhappy, I’ll just blame my butt!

It's About You!

It’s About You!