Procrastination & Punctuality

These two character traits cause me problems and were never my strong suits,

I’ve employed critical thinking techniques to understand the roots

I would love to blame my mother or lay it on my dad,

For all the psychologically oriented behavior faults I’ve had

While putting-off til tomorrow what I should have done today,

By the time I get around to them, they’ll be late anyway

Can the two faults be related,is a psychological woe

The more I understand it, the less I find I know.

The quest to overcome them both is a never ending task,

But is he really serious is the question you might ask

I have begun the employment of a plan I think twill work,

To rid my very being of this psychological quirk

I began a bit too late some of you might say,

But the truth remains, I really planned to start it yesterday!

It's About You!

It’s About You!