The Magic Bullet Search

A  Bite For Your Thinker:  The Magic Bullet Search


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   It seems that everybody is searching for something,  you know that something you just can’t quite put your finger on. Maybe it’s a new car or that fancy home you need to feel better about how the Success Thing is working in your life and I’m not talking about what you tell everyone else but what you know when you’re meeting with the committee of me, myself and I.


In the quiet times, by yourself when no one else can see your real thoughts, except you and the Good Lord. Hello …  reality check, well I been there and done that! You’ll try  darn near anything and everything excluding the logical solution of course, after all, other people have experienced great successes but like I was, you just don’t get it. The secret and there is one of course, is already in your possession. It’s right at your fingertips and hiding right where you’d least expect to find it, quietly inside you.

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That’s right no one has a magic book, idea, program or thought process that will empower you to achieve greatness that was designed into you because it’s been your silent partner all along. Unfortunately, most of us have bought the idea that you’re destined to be a failure or a success by some stroke of fate or luck of the draw. “Life is not designed to give you what you need, it’s designed to give you what you deserve” – Jim Rohn. Life isn’t a crap-shoot, the deck can always be reshuffled and the hand re-dealt.

In the Hollywood horror movies, if you want to rid yourself of a pesky werewolf, you gotta get the magic bullet, right? Of course but that only works in the movies and there aren’t any werewolves in the neighborhood anymore anyway. Therefore there is truly no magic bullet, there’s just you, your future and your dreams; so what are you waiting for?  That is about it: “It’s All About The U Inside You” and it always will be.



It's About You!

It’s About You!