Politicians, Oh Politicians

Politician Speaking At Podium Cartoon Clipart 3516



Politicians oh Politicians

men esteem you so high

The words roll off my lips and

make me wonder why..

Fore it can’t be the ideals that

you claim to represent

Tis not the smell of roses

       tho your speeches have a scent..

A Greek word comes to mind here

that I must proclaim

Bologna truly should be

the last part of your name..

The common man owed answer

yet cannot understand

The double talk you use to

expound upon your plan..

You’re speaking all directions

while facing to the south

 Words are dribbling out from

both sides of your mouth..

images polit promise

Oh Politicians Politicians

you’re unmistakably fake!

Explain it in plain English

fore we could use a break..

Stand straight, spit it out

and show us all your craft

We know you’ve found the goldmine and

we’re gonna get the shaft!


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