When Good-Old Sayings Aren’t


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¬† Let’s talk about Old-Sayings.


Good-old sayings are not necessarily good just because they are old philosophical bits of advice. However, it should be noted that this phenomenon occurs mainly due to the amount of times in history they have been repeated and isn’t based upon whether or not they are logical or true. We here at ThinkerBites would like to express our conceptional opinion on a few of these ” words of wisdom” which are hailed by most experts to be unquestionable common sense but aren’t. Let’s begin with the famous old saying of “ignorance is bliss” because it is not, for example: suppose alligators have infested your backyard, you are totally unaware of this condition. As a result, you decide to mosey out the backdoor on a short cut to the garage and well it isn’t short enough when you discover the jaw-snapping reality of the situation, proof that ignorance is not bliss. Another example for consideration might be: ” Opposites attract” which is only relevant and true if you happen to be a magnet. This truth is only applicable to physical magnets which clearly isn’t an accurate description of most of the people I know, although I do tend to travel in small circles. Please allow our ¬†experiences to improve your life circumstances and ¬†except the advise of this post as a word to the wise. Remember, everything you read, see or hear is not necessarily true and it’s usually much less painful to learn from the mistakes of others than to brave the hungry alligators yourself. As with all things on ThinkerBites, It’s All About The U Inside You!



It's About You!

It’s About You!