No Dog In The Fight

snarling dog

No Dog In The Fight

The person who has no dog in the fight, shouldn’t be complaining about bite marks.“The subject for today is a thought and not a real avocation of approval for “dog fighting” by your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites. We don’t support cruelty to animals or people in any form, shape or fashion, period. Now that’s all for the disclaimer, on to our thinker bite……

running man - dog chasing cart¬†Everyday we see on the television, hear on the radio¬†or read in a magazine about someone who is complaining about some event, occurrence or circumstance in the world today. Most of the time, people complain about things that they have not personally addressed, such as laws, legislating bodies, taxes and those same people don’t even vote! Give us all a brake, if you don’t have some skin in the game, meat in the pot or a dog in the fight; stop complaining!

This is then the thought for today, change what you don’t want, like maybe your present financial condition or your health. But don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk. Complaints are free but their resolution always costs you something. Remember if you aren’t enjoying the good life, in the lifestyle you desire and you really want to know who to blame, take a look in the nearest mirror. Yes it is very true, when we accept failure and complain without a personal commitment to a resolution then we have no room to gripe, that goes as much for me as for anyone else!

It is better to make yourself an assistant to problem resolution than a complainer that just adds to the problem. It has been well said as; if you aren’t part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem and that’s about the size of that fish! We love you all and wish to aid you in the discovery and building of your Personal Development.



It's About You!

It’s About You!