True and Lasting Happiness


 Real Facts About Happiness

As always is the case, people have many different ideas and opinions about how to gain happiness or even what happiness is. Some people will say that happiness is found by becoming famous and others say it’s contained in the riches or money.  Yet other folks think it’s obtained through formal education or the arena of competition or within personal relationships. While these things may be desirable to have , they can’t bring true and lasting happiness. Happiness is not a tangible thing that can be held in your hands, it is rather a state of mind and heart.

So, what do I need to do to have true and lasting happiness, you might ask yourself. ThinkerBites to the rescue! With the speed of light, in a cloud of dust and a hardy hi-yoo Bud … the “Lone ThinkerBite rides again, proclaiming that: “True and lasting happiness can only be found in what you do for others.”

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Yes, It’s the truth you only get out of life what you give, no more and no less. Try it for yourself, it will really work.  Help someone else with their problems and yours will begin to disappear!


 As we always say,  “It’s All About The U Inside You.”

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