Why Success and Failure Show Up



This short post is not a usual ThinkerBite, but sort of a help memo or sign post in the mist of the confusion of life. The intended purpose is not to present a great post that gets a lot of attention, but a short article designed to help anyone who reads and understands the message.

To the point, “Success and failure don’t just show up, they are attracted by our actions or the lack thereof. ” the reason that a person experiences either success or failure is totally dependent on personal action, what you think about and what you don’t . Success is attracted by positive actions and positive thought energy is required.  Negative  actions or non-action attracts failure and it’s sometimes a matter of trial and error determining which is which.  However, it must be stated that repeated failure is a necessity in order to attract success. It’s a matter of fine-tuning your failures to reach an action which produces the proper attraction result toward Success. Keep on keepin on!


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