Thinking, the Beginning of Action



To Begin ACTION, Think!

It has been said and rightly so, that thinking is the beginning of all positive action. This is not an idea who’s day has come, it has always been the key ingredient to the unleash the power of positive energy into your life. In order to accomplish any goal, you must have a plan. Having a plan indicates that you have applied the energy of positive thinking toward action, which moves it ever closer to the goal of your desires.

Remember that  dreams and desires are  only wishes with some thinking action applied. It can not be mentally or intellectually over-stated that you are and become what you think! Let’s just take a gander at what the famous martial artist and Kung Fu Master Bruce Lee said;”As you think, so shall you become.” The key here and  a must understand is this, your thoughts will  attract and super-power whatever life you think about.


The fact is the Self actuation  process is all about what and how you think. Think positively and positive aspects of your life will expand, think negatively or not at all and the negative aspects of your life will expand. That’s what is the driving action necessary to start and continue attracting the success of your dreams. Success requires copious amounts of hard work combined with the action derived from positive thought energy. It can’t be achieved, it is attracted through the “Law of Attraction“which means that success is attracted by the pile of failures that lead to what you become guided through the mountains of hard work. Now, clarification is in order here: thought is the spark that ignites the fire of action,  utilizing the hard work and the piles of failures,which attracts success as it expands.

Please keep in the front compartment of your mind that your whole life and future, good or bad, is 100% controlled by you, through the power of your own thinking. The person directly responsible for your life condition and circumstances is the same one who stares back at you in your mirror every morning. Get to know that person, after all you’ve got to work together to attract success so might as well get acquainted!!


           ” YOU   THINKING ”  ….  >>>>>>>





It's About You!

It’s About You!