Quality verses Quantity ?




Welcome to tonight’s ThinkerBite,” Quality and Quantity are not spelled the same for a good reason.” The words are not even close in the meaning-definition department, while quality refers to the value of something;  quantity relates to the actual amount of something. Even though the two words are so unrelated in their definition, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can not relate in some way. For instance, they are  used together to illustrate a time-old truth that goes something like this, “you get what you pay for“, while what you get represents the quality, what you pay represents the quantity. I’ve  wondered lately what the value of some quantity in time is worth the sacrifice of quality of time. To further explain my example, let’s suppose that you contract a serious disease and you doctor says, we have treatments that will  probably extend your lifespan (quantity) but the cost of the the time you have in good health will decrease,           (quality).


The question then becomes, are the total effects suffered worth the price of the cure? This precept depicts a valuable set of facts that should be carefully considered before a snap-judgement is adapted regarding the do’s and don’ts of any life event or personal circumstance. We here at your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites think that the decisions of life must remain controlled by the conscious of each individual because” It’s All About The U Inside You.”



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