That Thing Called Persistence

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Persistence through the Mountains

The ThinkerBite for today is;” A river is able to flow through the strongest mountain, not by virtue of it’s power but because of  it’s persistence.” The subject of persistence applies  to literally every facet of daily life, it is at it’s core a cornerstone life building block and the necessity for the concept  within Personal Development is universally accepted as a written in stone.

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There can not be any worthwhile Self actuation without the inclusion of persistence  into the mental diet. It is  now and has always been overwhelmingly easy to have a few failures (and normal by the way) and decide to  just give-up.Throwing up your hands and quiting  during the travel over a rough section of ground on your road to attract success and personal long term happiness. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people and everyone else too! Get over it, spend the time necessary to lament over your problems, circumstances and life events, then move on. Grow some guts and add persistence to the mixture and your next stop is  a jump forward in Personal Development growth!


A river cuts through even granite rock, not by power but by it’s relentless persistence and so will anyone who is willing to learn how to apply it. Personal Development won’t grow on a wishy-washy trickle, unless the persistence factor is added to it. In that case it will cut it’s way through the mountains of all your setbacks, problems and obstacles in the course of it’s own time. Learn to lean on the positives and persistence is definitely on that list, so “keep on keepin on” headed straight for the huge, looming mountains in  your life and knowing that your Personal Development principals applied with persistence will always get you through, even the strongest mountain. Remember as always,” It’s All About The U Inside You.




It's About You!

It’s About You!