A ThinkerBite From David & Goliath

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A ThinkerBite from David and Goliath

 The ThinkerBite tonight is from the Biblical account of David and Goliath. Let’s revisit the illustration from the pages of the “Book” of books where we can get a sense of the size relationship under consideration. The story centers around a mighty Giant who eliminated entire armies all by himself, a warrior of warriors so to speak and the small young adolescent boy who defeated him. The point of the amazing account is that even though the  simple weapon used was guided by a much Higher Power, a sling-shot and a few small stones became a formidable weapon.

A toy of a weapon was able to render a Giant’s  metal sword, helmet and shield basically useless. This account teaches more than the power of God, it teaches the value of performance or effect can’t  be judged according to size.


Judge me by my size you should not!

By the way, some of the most deadly creatures on the planet can’t even be seen by the naked eye because they are microscopic. However that doesn’t limit their abilities to infect the largest of bodies.

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Deadly Bacteria



Meanwhile, back at the ThinkerBite ranch: “Attitude is a Tiny word for such a Giant concept” and attitude like tiny David in the story controls or destroys everything it contacts without consideration of size. A negative attitude will destroy positive thoughts, energies and actions without regard to size or quantity. The short of the matter is just because something is small, doesn’t mean it’s not powerful and such is the case examined in the story.

To gain a bird’s eye view of  the point, think about the last time you grabbed-up and examined a single atomic particle: never, because it’s too tiny. Take time to comprehend that  the size of an atom certainly does not equate to the power it contains. Attitude is like that so adopt a good  positive one everyday and you’ll be able to do serious battle with the forces of negativity … got it, get it, good!  So,” It really is ALL about the U inside you.




It's About You!

It’s About You!