It’s The Over Kill


                 THE COMMON FLEA


It’s The Over Kill

The ThinkerBite for tonight is: “Don’t drop an atomic bomb on a flea, the over kill might be overwhelming.” Well fans, friends and others; if you have never experienced an infestation of fleas brought into your house by your family dog when returning in from doing his business, then you haven’t lived!Then trust me, it is an experience not to be missed….

It was a bright and sunny morning, warm and muggy, not unheard of in the mid-western United States during the early summer. You are  suddenly aware that your is dog  scratching on the back door and communicating to you that he has to “go” in the early morning too. Upon waiting and letting the dog back in from his yard visit, you might notice in that the next few hours that he is incisively scratching and biting himself.  When after a close inspection, the Mrs. informs you that it’s you fault that the dog has attracted fleas on to himself and brought your bedroom carpet a budding gift. Now you are (if you value peace in any fashion) going to have to find some method of ridding your dog and your carpet of the pesky fleas.

download scratching dog

What to do?  How do you approach this problem, well let’s see …. got it, you ‘Google-it’ like everything else you may ever need to find out. Now you’ve got a decision to make, namely which of the 1000 tried and true ancient miracle cures will you use to solve the problem. More importantly which one will do the job the cheapest and still make you out to be a genius with the wife and family, not to mention the dog. By the scowling growl and snarling teeth as you pass him while he scratches, you get the feeling that he somehow blames you too!

dog eating cart

After trying many different cheap fixes, while still observing man’s best friend scratch, bite and growl, you  have surmised that this is going to require the big gun solution, very expensive spray and a plastic collar.  This is meant with very minimal success, so there you sit, alone with your head in your hands, trying to figure this one out and beginning to itch. With a jaw dropping attitude and acceptance of your failure, you are ready to give up, take the dog to the Veterinarian and call the bug-man to resolve the mess. You have faced the enemy and he has “stomped you good” and worst of all your wife is now scratching…oh my, it won’t be a pleasantly peaceful  weekend for us will it? ? ?

The story is a bit silly, maybe humorous and brings to mind the purpose for it’s writing. The best resolution for any problem is the easiest method that provides a successful solution and the sense behind the our ThinkerBite for  your cosideration,”Don’t drop an atomic bomb on a flea, the over-kill might be overwhelming.”


                                                               “It’s The Over-Kill”



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It’s About You!