Waiting for the Ship

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Today’s ThinkerBite is life relevant, it expresses both a thought and an action: “Don’t wait for your ship to come in, it’s been waiting inside you all along.” The origin of this idea was an expression used by sailors of old while waiting in  port for their jobs (Ships) to come back to the shore. In those days travel on the high seas could prove dangerous to your health and your pocket-book. A large part of the reason was due to the time factor involved with ships that traveled by sail-wind power. The duration of  a sailors waiting sometimes consisted  of  weeks, months or even years before the ship returned, if it was able to return at all. Not to mention that on a sailing ship you are subject to the power of the elements on a rather unprotected platform as treacherous as good old windows 95. Brings back  good memories and some, not -so- good.scandisk wind 95

You’ll be getting that ever memorable message, this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. Wow, now that’s  what I call precariously treacherous!


 Pirates patrolled the oceans of the world during those days  just searching for cargo ships to attack, plunder and ravage. Precious metals, drink, fruits, nuts, berries, cannons, guns, gun powder and just about everything else was hard to come by was sought. The truth was that it was easier to steal from others at the point of a gun or a sword, than work for the things people desired and even for the necessities of life.

Yes, I know but it is an interesting time in  World History and after all, there aren’t any sail powered schooners flying the “skull and cross bones” on today’s seas.  At least none that we should all be concerned about encountering in modern everyday life. On a more serious note, if you are waiting for your ship to arrive, you’re in a similar situation to the sailors of yesteryear, fore you see …


You’re on the phone of “terminal hold and subject to all the elements on the sea of life. The storms may pound upon you, the waves may be crashing on your deck, a fierce wind sweeping you off course and a different kind of pirates may be waiting to plunder your loot or valuables just around life’s proverbial corner.

Nederlands_verkeersbord_B7.svg foreign stop signwaiting for your ship to come in! The port of it’s arrival has been inside you since the beginning of your physical journey, silently waiting for you to  stop waiting. Longing for you to take the helm and set the course toward the distant land of your dreams.

Even on life’s sea there are obstacles, trials, storms and all kinds of unfavorable circumstances just waiting for you out there. Therefore, apply the ThinkerBite and discover motor-power for your ship: get Personal Development it’s proven give you the edge that will be required to attract success into your ship, beside you for the long haul.

As is always our motto from your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites:”It’s All About The U Inside You.



It's About You!

It’s About You!