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images (75) einsteinThe ThinkerBite under consideration is “Most truth is never really relative and most relatives are never really truthful.” This sounds like a cute little play-on-words, although it is that, it is also a logical composition of something else far more conclusively intellectual. The statement is quite accurate, even so, it is also unarguably specific. The specificity of the truth has been the subject of global debates by the greatest minds in the world for at least the last 10 centuries and it seldom if ever lends itself to the vein of the relative.



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Truth that is subject to or governed by relative generalities, can not be truth in any strict sense of the word. Therefore, all jest aside Truth is the statement of or elaboration of an idea, action or object; whether tangible or ideological which represents or demonstrates an immutable and irrefutable fact. This  slightly humorous thinkerbite brings a real truth to light , if something is relative it is usually not true and those that are your relatives, usually won’t tell you the truth about what they really think.

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In the final analysis, relativism is not truthful and vise-versa. “It’s All About The U Inside You.”




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It's About You!

It’s About You!