The Shooting Range

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The ThinkerBite this time is designed around the activity and sport of shooting. In times past, most households in the world hunted game meat to feed the growing families and as a means of entertainment in the form of shooting sports. The purposes for this were numerous and the type of shooting utensils varied, from marbles to sling shots and from bow-arrows to modern guns.

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It should be stated at this point, that it is not the intended purpose of your friendly-online-neighborhood ThinkerBites to proclaim that weapons are kind, sweet and benevolent items. However neither are some people, fore man’s inhumanity to man is a matter of repeated, established history and fact. On the contrary, weapons are crude, cold, unfeeling and generally made of some type of hard, inflexible composite or metal.


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Like any other tool they serve a function. They are used as a means of defense and sport. Whether you feel this concept is right or not concerning guns, is not within the purposeful content of this post. ThinkerBites does not pretend to play the role of personal conscious, but proposes differing view-points and varying ideas as simulation for thought.  This format is apt at providing each of us a better understanding of ourselves and others as a result. The ThinkerBite is” When shooting, it’s not about the excitement, power and speed of the projectile that matters, it’s all about successfully hitting the target.images (78)

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When it’s all said and done, there is a message in the Bite for tonight;  that is aim well for the target, keep shooting til you are consistently and successfully hitting the target of life in the center of your dreams!




It's About You!

It’s About You!