On The Way Up

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On Your Way Up

 There are some old proverbs that survive the passage of time not because of their elegant language, witty rhymes or famous authors but because they contain a universal truth which at some  life level touches us all. This is the case for today’s ThinkerBite: “Be kind to the people you meet on your way up the ladder of life, you’ll meet the same people on your way down.”


This is a truth that many people have learned too late in life and because of their disregard for others in the up years of life, they have suffered much regret in their down years. It has been rightly expressed by Jim Rohn who put it this way; “Failure weighs only ounces, but regret weighs many Tons.” As a person grows inside through Personal Development, a heart of kindness should also develop along side and proportionally with  the Philosophy of Self.

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 Warning:  If this is not the case with the Personal Development you’ve experienced then you better investigate your Philosophy before you wake-up to discover all the   unhappiness that is the end result. Be kind to others and what goes around will come around …  it’s a message for us all,  your friendly-online-neighborhood ThinkerBites.


It's About You!

It’s About You!