You’ve Got To Find Balance



The fast paced world in which we all work, stress and live today is moving at an ever increasing speed. It seems as though there are more demands placed on our time than ever before and there is no end in sight. The thing to get a hold-on here isn’t some genius method designed to gain more time, no you can’t do that.

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As the old proverb states; “The time you’ve got, is the time you’ve got” that’s it. The point is nobody knows how much time they have to live this life; a second, minute, hour, day, week or a matter of many years or just a few we just don’t know. Therefore the key to work / career, personal responsibilities, leisure- time, family and social activities leave the average person stressed-out and searching for an escape from dealing with an ever escalating “time management problem.”

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The Question becomes; what to do to rectify this dilemma, gain control over the time we do have, optimizing it in the here and now.  The resounding answer is really simple to express but difficult to put action into: it’s Balance. While it’s true that the longer you work, the more money you earn, it is also true in order to retain your sanity, keep peace of mind and perform the things that tend to be a positive mental, emotional and physical benefit to your life, there must be a Balance to your thinking and actions. Work/career isn’t all there is to life but it’s all some folks ever do. The must be a mental departure from the accepted ideas that you are what you do and you consist of what you have.  Both of these ideas are wrong, because we are much more than what we do for work/career and we’re certainly more that what we possess, these ideas lack  life Balance.images (9)

Today’s  ThinkerBite  for thought is; “Unbalanced thinking is the result of an unbalanced understanding, in which too much important time was dedicated to the unimportant, that ignored Balance which is the key to life.”  

The short and long of it is that a life without regret, filled with sweet memories and surrounded by dreams fulfilled richly with happiness require a working Balance. Don’t spend all your time and efforts on the building of wealth and miss all the good things in the relationships of your life. Enjoy life by discovering the things that are most important including you and adjusting your Balance to encompass them. Remember, “It’s All About The U Inside You.”work-life-balance-are-you-spending-too-much-time-working


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It’s About You!