Rabbit Hunting


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Hunting Rabbits

The subject for tonight’s ThinkerBite is a little weird even for us and  it’s all about hunting rabbits! I have been told that I have on occasion chased rabbits but this post is about hunting rabbits for food not chasing them, so I suppose that observation is probably irrelevant. Oh well, back to the hunt …

Rabbits have been a common game prized by hunters in every place on the planet that they are found.

rabbit season

In the history of  the American wild west, rabbit stew was a regular main stay on the menu of most frontier settlers. The game was plentiful and is great tasting  in stew, barbecued, baked or pan fried. Although not as popular today as chicken, it is still eaten on a regular basis by a large segment of the world’s population of meat eaters and raised as domestic product similar to that of chicken or Cornish hen. The Bite is a paraphrased version of a quote from Jim Rohn who said;

download (3)rabbitstew

rabbit stew

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barbecued rabbit

Don’t shoot a rabbit with a cannon, it is effective but you won’t be having  rabbit for supper.”  The point is that when you are trying to accomplish any task or action make sure that the amount of  force or effort applied is appropriate for the desired outcome.  In other words only use what is needed to achieve the intended goal without overkill. This is true in all of our dealings with ourselves and  each other.


You don’t require major surgery to remove a wood splinter from your finger, so don’t make a big deal out of a small thing. It’s been stated in a proverb this way; don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill or as the common vernacular of today says; it is what it is until you make it something else. When people aggravate you, don’t immediately assume that what they did or said was intended to hurt you in someway which will lead you to respond with an action of retaliation. The only person who ever really gets hurt is the one who responds toward another person in the spirit of getting even. So remember when our attitudes toward others or self become negative, we pay the price inside and outside so stay positive because” It’s All About The U Inside You.”



It's About You!

It’s About You!