Another Way To Spell Failure


Failure Is Spleled

The skill of spelling wasn’t my long suite in school, in fact I was terrible at it and I began to improve to some extent in college. Today I write a lot, yet I’m still amazed at the spelling issues that I experience with some regularity! Today’s ThinkerBite isn’t really a spelling issue, it’s a case of definition. So, without further ado; ” There exists No remedy for inaction, in the real world inaction can be spelled Failure!” Most people are having difficulty with understanding the connection of inaction and failure but essentially, in some respects they are one in the same. The truth to gain here is, inaction always results in failure. However that does not mean that all failure is due to inaction, because the two words share a commonality but not always an identical result. Failure is not always a result of inaction because failure can be the result of the wrong action.images (95)

The cartoon should be self-explanatory, the point is, standing there with a fishing pole looks cool, but it won’t catch any fish! That’s the way we treat our online biz sometimes, because we been around awhile we’re an automatically solid success. That’s not true, it’s all about U and the action from inside you. What you give of yourself to others is the content from which value is created that attracts your success.

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Inaction guarantees failure, so do nothing of value and you’ll attract failure but utilize your Inner Self to the benefit of others and you’ll attract  success. The question is, which one are you aiming for? Put some positive action into your efforts and watch the positive results appear. Your friendly-online- neighborhood ThinkerBites … “It’s All About The U Inside You.”

It's About You!

It’s About You!