A ThinkerBite From Tree Branches


A ThinkerBite From Tree Branches

The subject of the Bite tonight is a “ancient proverb” from obviously one of the wisest thinkers of time passed. This is really a message which makes a lot of sense and is adaptable to the life of the thinking people of today. The proverb says;” No branches of any tree are so foolish as to war among themselves.” Sadly it is a  lesson which mankind has yet to learn and if not understood someday the branches will destroy the tree. Then from where will the fruit be born?


THOUGHT: the 1st step

It has been said that this is a proverb of  India or ancient China or of Native American culture and that’s really not the important issue. What’s of  real VALUE here is the positive thought shared from the mind of the writer to us all. Learn to be at peace with yourself or you become your own worst enemy and when nurturing a negative attitude you always pay the price of an unsettled soul. This is the natural flow of negativity which is so deadly to the truth of self realization. Loose that negativity toward others and yourself  which will help you lay hold on the power of greatness  residing inside you.  As we’re fond of saying here;” It’s All About The U Inside You.”

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It's About You!

It’s About You!