Defining Success

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 Success, The Definition

While it has been stated and properly so that success is a matter of perspective, it also possesses other characteristics that are most generally ignored and that is the purpose of this Bite from your friendly-online-neighborhood ThinkerBites today. “Success is a continuous circular motion of activity in the positive direction.”



Let’s cut to the chase; success can and does mean different things to different people. For instance, a person can be successful in business and a utter failure as a parent, while someone else may be a successful parent and a  total failure as a husband or wife. These differences are explainable if  the concepts of happiness and long term life success are examined and understood. The goal should be a total change in the normal mode of thinking from  an accent on the negative to adaptation of the positive. The positive daily attitude is a total reversal of  perspective and it has a drastic affect on everything concerning our ideas surrounding the topic of success. The picture and diagram following portray a real picture of and the path to success

 Success is like the pie below, while each slice is a piece of success, the separate pieces are not success but a slice of it. Work/Career is a slice, family, relationships, friends,growth, abilities, recreation, time management…. these are all slices of success.  Life Success is contained in the whole pie.

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        A Picture Of Success

The path to success is a different animal than the definition of success as is demonstrated in the pie of and the path to success.” Success is a continuous circular motion of activity in the positive direction.”


                   Path To Success

Keep working, thinking, planning and re-thinking your journey on the road to your dreams from a positive perspective and you will attract Success. Success will escort happiness into the front door of your life. Remember; “It’s All About The U Inside You”  …. til next time on this same Thinker channel, on the same Bites networkThink Positive!

It's About You!

It’s About You!