The New Math


New Math

We’re all bombarded daily by the negativity of this world bouncing into the playing courts of our lives like a giant medicine ball. It gets tough sometimes trying to balance the stresses and trials which stick you in the back like unwelcome negative injections.

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Bad things happen to good people everyday, that’s the way life is and it’s a fact that we mostly ignore. If we would just keep the right frame of attitude controlling our thought energy, we would have control over what we attract into our life arena.

The new math sweeping into our public schools is something that is difficult to comprehend, so here’s an alternative form of Bitemath that you can utilize with this simple equation… your friendly-online-neighborhood ThinkerBites  offers the following Bite for tonight; “When the negatives of life seem to pile up, simply add a positive exponent to the equation, divided by the area of the circumference of a smile, multiplied by ten; that will fix darn near anything.” Remember; It’s All About The U Inside You.


It's About You!

It’s About You!