Limiting Success



Limiting Success

When human’s examine anything, we tend to rely only on our 5 senses to process the incoming data. In relation to attracting (see Law of Attraction) success, on the surface we seem to miss the boat and avoid comprehending the concept entirely. Check-out the rolling ball triangle above because what you see can’t exist in the real world, nevertheless our human eyes will see it anyway.

In a quick glance the eyes send data to the brain and it translates the information received into a form in order to process the imagery logically. This all takes only an instant, momentarily the mind realizes that it is impossible that what the eye sees is real and we do a “mental-double-take”.

Therefore in the attraction of  success, our human senses can’t be trusted to identify; let alone understand this thing called Success. It can only be recognized, organized and utilized by the intellect of Self. There’s an old saying you will get it when you “Get It”. That’s the truth: you’ll attract it when you  recognize and get it mentally. This requires  application of a tool called Personal Development.


 The Bite tonight is; “The limitations of your success are controlled by the boundaries of your failures.”  Now, you have the means, go and begin to attract all you have ever dreamed about!

It’s just waiting for you:” It’s All About The U Inside You and always has been, let it out!





It's About You!

It’s About You