The Most Valuable Thing On Earth

The Most Valuable Thing


If you ask the people in your life what they think is the most valuable thing in this world, you will receive many different answers. Some may say that Love is the most valuable thing in the world, while others may think it is financial security, fame, wealth or good fortune. Still others may claim it’s luck, which doesn’t exist in the first place and other folks might think it’s health. While all of the above are very valuable, none of them are even on then same scale or plane as time.


J. Paul Getty

 A weathy business tycoon, the richest man in his time: J. Paul Getty was reportedly heard to say, “Misguided humanity spends all the earning years of their lives saving dollars, and the remaining years spending those dollars saving their lives.

It’s the anatomy of  misapplied logic, in other words; it makes no sense at all. All the money and wealth in the world are worthless without the time to use them. A person can always find a way to earn more money, IF the required time is available and yet all the money in the world can’t buy more time. Time is the most fleeting, unstable, wasted, squandered, unpredictable and yes; the most valuable of all the things in this world.arrow-3D-green-down


The Bite for tonight is,”Life is too short to be endured, it’s meant to be enjoyed because life is just a matter of time.” Remember, if you do a job that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life because the secret is to find your passion and pursue it passionately!


It's About You!

It’s About You!

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