It’s Uncommon





The ThinkerBite  for today once upon a time was part and parcel of every single child’s  active graduation into adulthood, just like the learned value of giving someone your word and keeping it. In days gone bye, a person’s hand shake was as good as a signed legal document and an individual’s word was a bond that represented personal honor, it was something to protect like your family name.

Well welcome to the years of celebrated negativity which have infiltrated into and oozed all over every part of the ways with which we relate to one another.  The absolutes of moral right or wrong are out-dated and have been totally replaced by situation ethics. Situation Ethics is a system of behavior that has as it’s base premise, the judgement of whether some act or lack of action is right or wrong and it depends upon your personal sense of values. What is right for one person may be wrong for another because there are situations; there just are no absolutes and therefore everything is relative.


It should be understood by all of our fans and readers that at ThinkerBites, we do NOT think or pretend to be without faults or shot-comings, nor are we worthy to be anybody’s judge.  That being said;  I can still remember when the average stranger could be trusted to behave with honor and respect toward other human beings. Sadly, those days are Gone and it’s not an educational matter as some academic intellectuals claim, nor is it the lack of, or a result of, Religion, neither is it the greed of the evil, money hungry Corporations in Big Business. Despite all the {hoopla} to the contrary; it’s not a social-political issue for governments  or global judicial bodies of the world to resolve. It is simply a lack of personal consideration, respect, honor and attitude toward others. The Bite tonight is; “ There are a few things that no amount of money can buy; good manners, class, morals and Common Sense.”

The *ideology of relativism* has thrived in the last few centuries because Common Sense is no longer taught as the fabric which binds us all together. We understand that there are and always have been some bad people; rotten apples in the barrel of humanity. Prior to the “social factoid” of no absolutes these individuals were shunned, weeded out  and removed by everybody else.

The lack of Common Sense results in a lack of common unity which then separates us and we are desperately in need of  it’s revival. The effects of the personal attitude without common sense lead to the feelings of: I will get mine and your’s is not my problem, commonly referred to as the “ends justify the means. Large and small businesses, brick and mortar / e-commerce  both suffer from distrust of the  general public caused chiefly by the senselessness related directly to the abandonment of Common Sense. I’ve heard people saying things like; we just can’t accept Common Sense as a whole, unfortunately that’s the only way it comes. The matter can be resolved mentally by “The Rule of Logic”, Common Sense is as the name aptly implies, commonly contained in the mental hardware of the human mind and when engaged, it develops thought which is reasonable and makes sense ( for the overly educated out-there); stop over-thinking this one: it adds up! As we always say;” It’s All About The U Inside You” and that’s all about Common Sense, which really is Uncommon: get it and take it, we all need a dose or two!











It's About You!

It’s About You!