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Relax, take in a calming, steady breath and move yourself mentally to your quite place while viewing the picture above through the eyes of your soul. A warm settling mood should be entered and peaceful thoughts, like beautiful flowers take bloom in the garden of your mind. This calming break was brought to you by ThinkerBites. For the purposes of this article we will mostly refer to Personal Development as PD, in order to facilitate an easier read and less typing for my dyslexic fingers. By the way for your information: PD moves in only one direction and that direction is never negative.

graphics-3d-smileys-247270We don’t often discuss individual personal matters here in the Cyber-world of your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites. Putting yourself out there can be as uncomfortable as a dragon breathing fire on you. I’ve written many Bites that are about our human common character traits, application of the golden rule, man’s inhumanity to man, discovery of a better you, internal growth, self actuation and of course Personal Development. I have noticed that most speakers and writers who advance PD, do so purposely avoiding disclosure of personal information which is deemed to be of a private nature.

We are here to set the record straight about this issue; the truth is, I experience the same emotions, misgivings, up’s, down’s, storms and sunny days in my life as everyone else in my daily course of living.  The real question of life is: does living in the naturally negatively oriented environment prevent or preclude a positively driven life? Surprisingly the answer is an unequivocal NO! The point to ponder from this Bite is, it’s past time to return to the fundamental basics of PD and Self Actuation. The responsibility for my personal growth is totally “all on me” and yours is “all on you”! No one can force, brain wash or prop-up anyone else’s progression on their personal road toward the realization of individual life goals and dreams. My passion is to inform, encourage, assist, train and support the PD of any and all persons who have a desire to attract success and it’s traveling companions; satisfaction and happiness. It will not come easy for you and it didn’t come easy to me either and yet it is worth every single investment that you’ll make in yourself.


It is my heart-felt desire and motivation to help others get over, under and around in this life while avoiding the personal alligator pits that I fell into on my way to where I am today in my own Personal Development.

There are many types, classes and levels of  PD ideals that we refer in this venue to as; ThinkerBites. Some are  “good to have“, others are “nice to have“,  still others are “useful to have” but a few are absolutelythe must have” ingredients necessary to promote, secure, and maintain the overall health of the better version of you. What I can help you learn won’t be easy but it will be simple. The new Self can only find sustenance in PD, this is because Only PD can breathe life into your abandoned dreams. The Bite is this; “In order for your life to change, change the way you think about the things in your life and the things in your life will change.” This is true because what you think about becomes your reality,


Bruce Lee said it like this;”As you think, so shall you become.” The fact is that you can’t provide enough power by your actions alone to initiate the necessary force required to enable  real change in the direction of your life. However, if you add to positive action, the positive energy of your thoughts, in which reside more than sufficient power to accomplish real life change, the equation will change instantly and  exponentially in your favor. You could rightly say that you think your way to real changes in your life because that’s the plain and simple truth of it. The power of measurable energy from human thought is grossly under-evaluated and generally not well understood by most people, even those who possess a higher degree of formal education and are supposed to be the authority “in the know.”

It’s All About The U Inside You” and what you think really does matter, it becomes your reality.

It's About You!

It’s About You!