Just about everyone knows that before you begin any kind of building project, you need some kind of an idea of what you want, and then formulate a plan to bring your vision into the physical world. The idea of building something without a physical design plan is a ‘recipe for disaster‘ and isn’t done even by experts in the field of whatever you are constructing.


In the middle of your planning, it is customary to obtain a detailed drawn out plan, which is  a construction schematic called a blueprint. As a matter of fact, it’s not only customary it just makes good sense because time/money will not be totally wasted by fumbling around, building something you will only need to tear down  and continually reconstruct. Whether you are constructing a house, barn, business, lifestyle or even an airplane a blueprint is the only smart way to go.




Tonight’s ThinkerBite is really relevant to the ‘Personal Development’ which must be consumed and mentally digested by all desiring to change their dreams into a real lifestyle, becoming all that you can be. “Understand, that the vision of your heart must become the blueprint for your life” if attracting success for constructing your future is your ultimate goal,  only Personal Development teaches you how to read the blueprint. The sad thing is most people work, search, investigate any and most every way that we think may remotely reward them with success, only to be disappointed and give up the quest. The reason for the fact is really fundamentally simple; it isn’t wise or efficient to hammer a nail with  a pair  of pliers, besides it is easier to smash your fingers trying to use a tool not designed or intended for the purpose at hand and that makes you sore and mad!


The problem comes down to this if a large number of nails are to be used a hammer does the job much easier and faster, not to mention better than the previously discussed pliers on everything and everyone concerned. It’s all about using the correct tool for the job which will facilitate a far   better end result for the project’s completion. In the life department, Personal Development is the only tool that works!

A small piece of advice from your friendlyonlineneighborhood ThinkerBites; “Hammer not the nail’s head with a rock, lest you receive rock chips in your eyes, along with sore and bleeding fingers.”






It's About You!

It’s About You!