Resolution or Problem?



Resolution or Problem?

Well, fans friends and fellow thinkers; here we are with a new day and a new ThinkerBite which is a bit of a brain twister: “The resolution to a problem is never problematic, just because the desired outcome  appears to be improbable.” It should be noted that things are not always as they appear, this brings to mind the the judging a book by it’s cover or the strength of something by it’s size and the my personal favorite, testing the curative power of a medicine by it’s smell.

amazing-ocean-ball-sphere-animated-gifNone of the previous common judgments are reasonable, logical or truthful. So, when someone tells you that your resolution to a given problem is not workable just remember things aren’t always as they appear.

Just a few short years ago this image above would have been impossible to photograph,  a drop of water moving by application of external air pressure , or is it? The point is it is effective; regardless whether or not it’s a real photograph, it is nevertheless thought provokingly interesting! Remember, while you’re thinking: “It’s All About The U Inside You.”



It's About You!

It’s About You!