Just Do The Ordinary

stock-vector-success-arrow-diagram-91911323 Just Do The Ordinary !

Everywhere I go, I like to listen to the chit-chat. There’s usually a common thread,  that goes something like this; is it  really still possible to find success and happiness in the world today? You hear about some guy or gal who have made it big and became wealthy or famous almost overnight, yeah some people are just lucky! That’s non-sense because the harder you work, the luckier you get! The conversation continues why can’t that happen for me and what’s the secret, the inside “brother-in-law” skivvy on that deal? In the first place, almost NO ONE is an instant success overnight and in the second place, the odds on that one just happening to you are astronomical (that’s approximately equal to “way beyond” algebra). As a matter of fact, I remember a famous Singer awhile back being quizzed by a reporter about his seemingly instant celebrity status who said;” Oh yeah I was a success overnight alright, it only took me twenty years!”



Let’s check out the bottom line on this one; you do not have to be the number one person in the world at what you do to become wealthy, successful and happy. Here’s the secret that people miss and our ThinkerBite for tonight; ” To become successful it isn’t necessary that you do well at extraordinary things, only that you do ordinary things extraordinarily well.”  Yeah, there is something you can do to improve your lot in this life; work on improving you, your attitudes, habits, language, skills and character. This all comes about with a change in your Philosophy, you are what you think! Has anyone ever told you that it’s not important what you think? Well, I hope you didn’t swallow that one, it does matter: it’s a life changing matter, especially to you.

Ask yourself this question; how tall will a tree grow? The answer is ; ALL  it can and it’s that way with every living thing except human beings because we have the ability of choice via free will. A tree can’t decide it has grown enough and quit, only people can do that. The point was made by the late, great Jim Rohn who said: “If you don’t like the way your life is going, change it you’re not a tree!” Just do the ordinary, extraordinarily well” and you’ll have a future life full of abundance and more…all you can dream of but you’ve got to grow.


It's About You!

It’s About You!