Learn From A Tree


Learn From A Tree

 The fact is that a person can learn from so many varied methods  and venus, that it would require an entire book just to begin an attempt at listing and categorizing them. The human mind is remarkable, inexhaustible and possesses the ability to change the life experience in ways which can totally alter an individual’s present reality with as little as one new thought or idea. Today scientists are delving into  a newly emerging understanding of the power contained in the ‘human organic computer‘.




While a new promising frontier is evolving  and maturing,science is barely skimming the surface  to ascertain how the brain utilizes the imaginations it creates to develop new ideas and innovations. Alright enough patting our own backs for the great advances and conveniences of modern day, mankind is still a baby when it comes to the idea of becoming all that we are able to be. Changing the bad habits, compulsions, and misinformation about how we can remake ourselves continues to remain a mystery to most people, however, it’s really pretty simple; we are only limited by the walls of limitation we erect within ourselves.



Human beings are the only creature in this world which doesn’t naturally strive to become all we can be. Tonight’s ThinkerBite addresses this issue; ” Develop the discipline to become all that you can become, learn from a tree.” The question has been asked before, how tall will a tree grow? The answer is as tall as it can. Why don’t human beings continue to grow, it’s a question each person must answer for themselves …



It's About You!

It’s About You!