Beware Of Running Aground!

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Running A Ground

As you set your course and navigate the ship of your fortune, on the sea of life whether for better or worse, is all dependant upon the course that you set. Captains beware that the route you have chosen for your journey doesn’t leave you ‘high and dry’, perched atop a sand hill somewhere that’s not even indicated on the map to your success, happiness, and the attainment of your dreams.


 The Bite to gather here is; “The compass you use must be your positive thinking that always results in a positive attitude which in turn creates a positive outcome“.The setting of your ship’s course should never be left to chance or someone else’s plan for your future, but to the safe, sane and proven attributes of your own Personal Development. Watch matey lest you fall to the demise of the pirate called negativity, strong and relentless is he, for ne’r there be a body who can avoid his plans for them without the aid of a positive mindset. Beware, that you avoid the sand hills of negativity, where no dream lives and happiness is nowhere to be found. “It’s All About The U Inside You.”


It's About You!

It’s About You!