The Right Nut


The Right Nut

The ThinkerBite for tonight may seem to be simplistic, however, it is a Bite which is overflowing with content and  deep truth. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of a nut loosening and fallings off of the bolt it’s supposed to keep in place on an appliance, lawnmower or car then you are already aware that no good will come out of that.graphics-3d-smileys-973299

This occurrence usually indicates that something that is probably needed and was intended to be secured to something else, isn’t! The horrific result can be an experience which will be either unhealthy, bad, terrible, dangerous or all the above.

 Like most of you, I’ve “been there and done that but I realize the last time it happened probably wasn’t and it will likely revisit me once again, with some reasonable sense of certainty. I’m also reminded here that my positive attitude at that point had better be in good working condition and “whipped out on” all the negativity  that the loss of securely fastened bolts can apply.


The Bite for tonite is;” Remember to check regularly that you are the right nut, threaded on the right bolt, and you’re reasonably tight!” In other words; keep that positive attitude, check it every now and then, just to be sure that you don’t get loose it or allow it to fall off on the road to your goals. Besides, a loose nut could fall off, get ground down into the surface of that roadway and become a real challenge to retrieve or replace. Check under the hood of your Personal Development vehicle because you never know what nut may come loose next, and detour or delay the journey to your goals; which all make perfect sense, if you get my drift…



It's About You!

It’s About You!