Sitting On The Bench


 Sitting On The Bench

If you are one of those people like I was, listen-up; you keep telling yourself that someday that things are gonna change in your life and” Bingo “it will all magically be fixed.



Well, if that’s the case don’t hold your breath because blue just isn’t your color! Nothing will change about your situation until you stop doing the same old thing that produces the same old result and take some action designed to affect a change in the equation of … you. Let’s take a quick look at what might be wrong here and the math behind it: {0+u=u – change=><=0} which means if you take U and add zero minus any change, the result is equal to nothing or zero. That doesn’t imply that you are somehow “devalued ” but totally unchanged by anybody’s figures.

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So here’s the bottom line; in order for your life to change, you can’t just sit on the sideline and vegetate: you’ve got to take action and change what you’ve always done up til this moment, that hasn’t changed anything. It won’t change it now, the Grand Parade of Life is passing you by so, sit, smile and wave as it goes over the hill  leaving you further and further behind.

Oh, I forgot to mention that you could stand up, get a vision, make a plan and exert the energy of action and change the whole picture. Catch up with the parade before it’s all over.. aspire to inspire before you expire! The Bite for tonight is;”Sitting on the bench in life never results in success, it only produces more excuses as to why you failed.” Take charge of your future and begin attracting  the success you deserve and have dreamed about starting  … right now.


It's About You!

It’s About You!